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There’s a new page on my site for responses I’ve done for prompts on the Rough Trade Workshop.


NEW STORY: My entry for the NCIS Reverse Bang, Memories, has been posted. It was inspired by art created by the very talented kj_svala.

NEW STORY: My entry for the SGA Reverse Bang, Anomaly, has been posted. It was inspired by art created by the very talented Nonexistenz.


All about Art!!

Some serious thanks and admiration out to flickst for drawing some amazing art for Emergence. Seriously. I was floored.

A while back, Sunryder also did some digital drawings that knocked my socks off. Tony and Gibbs



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tBS: Interlude (NCIS, Hawaii Five-0)

They were toweling off from a shower, when Steve casually mentioned, “Gibbs is going to be here in a two weeks.”

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tBS: Mend What’s Broken (Criminal Minds)

Penelope was off, and even though she knew it, there wasn’t anything she could do about it. She’d gotten herself rattled this morning, and as much as she was putting up a front like everything was okay, she was just off.

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tBS: The Actual Words (Hawaii Five-0, NCIS)

“Come to Hawaii,” Steve said impulsively, then wished he hadn’t. He’d promised to stop asking this question. Finding opportunities to talk to Tony was difficult enough with the six-hour time difference, and rehashing this subject wasn’t a good use of their infrequent phone calls.

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tBS: Out (MacGyver 2016)

Before anything further could be asked, Thornton held up a hand. “Mac, you are not the primary on this mission.”

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tBS: Pink (NCIS, HP)

He leaned down and picked up his kid, who was laughing and clapping delightedly. It had only been three months since he’d adopted his cousin’s orphaned son, and they were both still adjusting. That was literally all Tony could come up with to explain his moment of stupidity. Because, really, he knew better. He truly wasn’t that guy.

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tBS: Desires (NCIS, Hawaii Five-0)

Steve walked out of the bathroom and took in the dim room, lit only by a few candles. The bed was turned down and he realized the linens had been changed to the softest sheets they owned. In other circumstances, with another couple, it might have been romantic, but he knew it was about intimacy, deep intimacy, and whatever he needed to go on this path.

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tBS: Foolishly (NCIS)

Tony pulled up outside Bethesda, but hesitated. He hated hospitals with a passion, but he knew his lungs weren’t right and he wasn’t an idiot; he had to get checked out. There was no way he was risking pneumonia because he had a borderline phobia. Gibbs and Maddie had been taken to Dominion, the closest hospital, but Tony’s medical records were at Bethesda and he hated explaining the plague to a new doctor.

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tBS: Stay (NCIS)

Tony loved rainstorms in the summer—they always reminded him of good times with his mother before she died. If it started to rain on a hot day, she’d find him and they’d go out and play. It seemed like life was always about staying warm and dry, but in those moments, he always felt free by doing the opposite.

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tBS: Saying No (NCIS)

He’d been told he had to take one for the team, submit to an interrogation by Mossad, when the only thing he’d done wrong was stupidly trying to give Ziva the opportunity to explain herself.

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tBS: In Need of Handling (SGA)

John entered his quarters and immediately leaned back against the wall, pressing the heels of his hands against his eyes and groaning.

“I know that look,” Rodney remarked idly from his place at the table.

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