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Slytherin Black was my NaNo project from 2015. I am working on finishing it and then it will go into edits and beta. I do NOT know when that will be. Except for some exceptions around Evil Author Day, I do not post unfinished works. Period.

Spring Training on Rough Trade is now over. If Found, Please Return was completed but I need time for beta and edit before it will be posted here.

Summer Bootcamp begins July 1st. I have three new sentinel fusion stories coming for July. My fandoms are Leverage, Lucifer, and Stargate:Atlantis. Check it out! (You have to be a member to read or comment. Please read the feedback rules of the site after you join, and before you do anything!)



NEW STORY: My entry for the NCIS Reverse Bang, Memories, has been posted. It was inspired by art created by the very talented kj_svala.

NEW STORY: My entry for the SGA Reverse Bang, Anomaly, has been posted. It was inspired by art created by the very talented Nonexistenz.


All about Art!!

Some serious thanks and admiration out to flickst for drawing some amazing art for Emergence. Seriously. I was floored.

A while back, Sunryder also did some digital drawings that knocked my socks off, too. Tony and Gibbs



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I provide eBooks of my finished stories, and you’re welcome to download them for your personal use. Please do not post my eBooks to other public sites. I’ll be very vexed if you do. My internet spouse is a hit minion troll. Seriously, you don’t want to annoy me.

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Banner by KJ_Svala


Title: Memories Author: Jilly James Fandom: NCIS Pairing(s): Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs Content Rating: PG-13/Teen for language, off-screen violence, etc. Warnings: Character bashing (depending upon your interpretation) Spoilers: Up through season 4 of NCIS and some mentions of information in seasons 5 and 7 Beta: Naelany and Keira. Thank you for making this story better. Special …

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Art by Jayi


Title: Anomaly Author: Jilly James Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis, slight SG1 Pairing(s): John/Rodney, hints of others Content Rating: NC-17/Explicit Warnings: References to some canon-level violence Spoilers: Season One Beta Thanks: Naelany, who is awesome. Special Thanks: to Cinna who helped plot this story. I wouldn’t have anything if she hadn’t spent a night brainstorming. Author Notes: …

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Alpha of Atlantis

The Alpha of Atlantis

Title: The Alpha of Atlantis (Emergence!Verse) Author: Jilly James Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis Relationships: No major pairings, future John/Rodney, and other M/M, M/F, M/M/F Content Rating: PG-13/Teen Genre: A/B/O (No non-con), Dragon-shifter AU Warnings: Canon-level violence, dragons squishing Wraith Spoilers: Season 1 Beta: Naelany and Ladyholder Word Count: 10,700

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Death of Silence

Death of Silence

Title: Death of Silence Author: Jilly James Fandom: NCIS Pairing: Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs Content Rating: Mature Genre: First time, episode related (season 8, episode 5 – Dead Air) Warnings: Canon-typical violence, off-screen violence, major character injury Beta Thanks: Thank you, Naelany! Word Count: ~23.5k Summary: When Tony is seriously injured during a routine assignment to …

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The Hospitality of Hobbits

Title: The Hospitality of Hobbits Author: Jilly James Fandoms: The Hobbit Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield/Belladonna Took Genre: Fantasy, Romance Content Rating: PG

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All Your Reasons

All Your Reasons

Title: All Your Reasons Author: Jilly James Fandom: Avengers, NCIS Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/Bruce Banner Content Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Violence, discussion of empathic rape.

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Everything They Said

Everything They Said

Title: Everything They Said Author: Jilly James Fandom: Hawaii Five-0, minor NCIS Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett, Other/Other Content Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Violence, human trafficking, abduction, implied threat of rape. Spoilers: Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, NCIS up to Season 4. Beta Thanks: Naelany

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I Wasn't Waiting For You

I Wasn’t Waiting for You

Title: I Wasn’t Waiting for You Author: Jilly James Fandom: Criminal Minds, slight NCIS, Sentinel Fusion Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/Aaron Hotchner, Hotch/Beth, Rossi/Strauss (implied) Content Rating: R Warnings: Violence (including murder, or discussion of rape as part of a case file), death of a minor character. Spoilers: Up to season 9 of CM and season 5 …

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Art for Marlislash

Marlislash donates so much time and talent to doing art for those in the Rough Trade community, and far beyond into fandom at large, so when she wanted some McShep and Sterek in a banner, I was delighted to try to pull something together for her. (Yes, the Sterek is subtle.)

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Emergence – Chapter Thirty-six (End)

Title: Emergence – Chapter Thirty-six Author: Jilly James Betas: Elsa Kallan and Naelany Emergence Main Page

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