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Title: Vicious
Author: Jilly James
Fandom/Genre: NCIS, Sentinel Fusion
Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs, Other minor pairings
Content Rating: PG-13 for warnings and language
Warnings: Allusions to canon-level violence
Author Notes: One element of the worldbuilding was inspired by the idea of a sentinel ascendant, which I read in a story by Keira Marcos. I’ve applied the idea quite differently.
Word Count: ~30k
Beta: Ladyholder
Spoilers: Takes place around season 8 of NCIS, but it’s a completely reimagined backstory, so very few episode spoilers.
Challenge: This is my entry for the 2016 NCIS Secret Santa and was written as a gift for Desertpoet. While the assignments for the Secret Santa were done by AO3’s matching system, I was delighted to be able to write this present for a good friend.
You can view the entire SeSa collection on AO3.
Summary: Tony DiNozzo was used to his life changing unexpectedly. A broken leg in college turned him in the direction of becoming a police officer, a gunshot wound that nearly crippled him brought him to forensics, and now, coming online as a guide was going to take him someplace a little vicious.


SSC – Support Services Center (fictional)

Alpha – A sentinel or guide who leads a pride of other sentinels and guides
Prime – An alpha sentinel or guide who is responsible for a territory
Guide Ascendant – a guide who is capable of navigating the spirit plane, OR the guardian of a first guide, both can easily manipulate psionic energy and see psionic influences on the tangible plane.
First Guide – the first spirit guide of new species

Ocelot First Guide

Tony DiNozzo
Guide Ascendant

Jethro Gibbs

Maggie Matthews
Guide Ascendant

Tomas Matthews

Eric St. James
Alpha Guide Prime

Devon St. James
Alpha Sentinel Prime

Blair Sandburg
Alpha Guide Ascendant Prime

Jim Ellison
Alpha Sentinel Prime


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  1. Kim

    More Vicious please. She and Tony are so adorable together. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. angelcat70

    Ok this picture of Tony and Vicious is freaking adorable!.

  3. Brooke

    Can I ask why you deleted your stories from AO3? It’s one of the only sites and I use and I was very sad when I saw that.

    1. Jilly James

      There’s a post on my site that explains my decision to leave. It’s linked on the main page. Called Assholes, Vanity, and Straw. My stories will only be here.

  4. Mirri450

    Fantastic!! I <3 all your stories, (especially some Tony whump 🙂
    Engaging and long enough to get your teeth into, plus well written and grammatically correct – a rare gem in a fanfiction writer!
    Keep it coming please!! Xx

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